Familia: Action, Support, Leadership

Together with the California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators (CALSA), the Pearson Foundation has created “Familia: Action, Support, and Leadership.”

In this short film, Latino educators from some of California’s largest school districts and the California Department of Education discuss their deep commitment to helping students achieve academic success through their work in CALSA. The film was launched at the CALSA annual meeting, held November 7 through 9, 2008, in San Diego, California. Go to the following link to see the film.


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The Big Question

What is the difference between theme and concept development, and how can that distinction serve my English language learners?
Learning English, with all of its nuances, is challenging to every student. Understanding the difference between themes and concepts adds another layer. In order for EL’s to participate in the conversation and get the deep understanding of concepts, they need language? How and when should we develop that language?

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CABE ’09 begins

The CABE ’09 Conference began today in Long Beach. Pearson’s booth has an exhibit of art from selections in Calle de la Lectura (Pearson’s Option 3 State adopted program) and Longman Keystone (Pearson Longman’s Option 4 and 5 State adopted program). We want to show case our California illustrators who have contributed to the Student Editions of Calle de la Lectura and Longman Keystone. Come by the booth and receive a poster of one of the illustrations.

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English Learner Bill of Rights

Pearson in partnership with CABE (California Association for Bilingual Education) is pleased to announce the publication of the English Learner Bill of Rights. The “Bill of Rights” is intended to draw much-needed attention to the many challenges facing today’s English learners and ensure that meeting their needs remains a priority during the state’s budget crisis. We seek your support and input in this important endeavor. Will the Bill of Rights be a useful tool for you?

View the English Learner Bill of Rights

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What are the key differences between teaching ELD and teaching Reading to ELs?

Why do we even have to have ELD classes? It seems you could just integrate EL strategies into your English Reading classes and “kill 2 birds with one stone”.

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What is ELD?

I’m looking for peoples definition of ELD.

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Hello and welcome to the Pearson EL blog for California!!

The Pearson EL blog is intended to be:

* a forum on issues pertinent to English Learners

* a place to exchange ideas, conversation, and information related to English Learners

* a location where we reinforce primary language instruction, solid ELD instruction, and best practice in the delivery of English instruction to our ELs

The blog will grow over time and have “lead bloggers” who are experts in the field of Primary Language Instruction, ELD instruction, Reading/Language Arts, Transferability, Assessment and much more. We look forward to your input and active participation. 

Let us hear from you!!

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